Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life


One in a Million?

The chemical language of life has amazing properties: as a system for storing and passing on biological information, it may be one in a million.

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Stephen Freeland, Biochemist – finding God in unexpected places

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The Story the Universe Tells

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How Science Works – Evidence for the earliest life on Earth

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Building a habitable planet

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Life on Mars – revisited

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A hostile start to life on Earth

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Making the Molecules of Life

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Guest Post – Life’s Origin: Probable or Improbable?

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How Biofriendly is the Universe?

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Rare Earth: Why ‘simple’ life may be common in the universe, but animals may be unique to our planet

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Life in a Purposeful Universe?

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From the Dust: How the universe became fruitful for life

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Curiosity: The search for life on other planets

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Podcast: Chance or Necessity in the Origin of Life?

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Stephen Freeland: How do you think science and faith fit together?

16th March 2021

Stephen believes that God has given us the capacity us to do…

Stephen Freeland: Why are you a scientist and a Christian?

7th June 2021

A place at Oxford University seemed such a gift to Stephen, he…

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14th June 2021

Stephen briefly introduces his research, and how that fits in with his…

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14th June 2021

Living organisms use 20 different building blocks to build proteins. That set…

Stephen Freeland: Can you explain the deeper scientific meaning of your work, and the questions it raises?

14th June 2021

Stephen explains the implications of his scientific work, the questions it raises…

Stephen Freeland: Tell us about your research

3rd November 2021

As an evolutionary biologist Stephen studies the genetic code that is common…

Stephen Freeland: What is the genetic code?

7th February 2022

Stephen explains how the genetic code is a bit like Morse code.

In conversation: Stephen Freeland & Simon Conway Morris

24th February 2022

Simon and Stephen discuss the challenge of studying life's origins, sharing their…