Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life


The UK Religious Studies (RS) specifications require students to study ethics in the context of religion. These resources are tailored to help A-level and GCSE RS students develop their understanding of Christian arguments for the existence of God, Creation and Genesis by exploring the views of leading Christians in both sciences and theology, including Professor Alister McGrath.

These topics cover areas of Christian thought which our featured scientists and theologians have themselves dedicated time to exploring, so this is a great opportunity for teachers to bring them into the classroom, via video content, to contribute to the lesson. This format can help students engage with the material as they build a relational connection with the interviewees. Hearing these personal, nuanced views can also stimulate a deeper level of classroom discussion than might be achieved from a textbook alone.

This material includes:

  • Full lesson plans and resources for running A-level lessons on arguments for the existence of God and GCSE lessons on Christian understandings of Genesis and creation
  • Videos and activities to enhance GCSE lessons on evolution

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is an interdisciplinary research enterprise based in Cambridge. It is an Associate Member of the Cambridge Theological Federation, which is affiliated to the University of Cambridge.

These resources accompany the Wonders of the Living World book, which is essential reading for teachers and any pupils who are interested to find out more.

Explore the video library to find further clips from interviewees mentioned in the school material, as more videos are added over the coming months.


Arguments for the Existence of God

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Christian Attitudes Towards Creation

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Other Topics

Challenges from Science

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Environmental Care

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Purpose and Meaning of Life

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Religion and Science

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Work as service/worship/prayer

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Schools Events, Further Resources and Teacher Training

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For further details of how the Wonders project and other science-faith educational programmes aim to engage students in science-faith discussions, you may like to read the chapter: Engaging young people in positive, interdisciplinary exploration of science and religious faith in Science and Religion in Education, Eds. B. Billingsley, K. Chappell & M. J. Reiss. Springer (2018).