Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life


Map of Life

Over a long period of time, organisms hit upon new solutions to the challenges of life on earth. Different species often find similar ways to thrive, as if they were following well-worn paths in a map of life. So is evolution compatible with purpose?

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Book preview: Creation or Evolution – Do we have to choose?

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Why do we do these crazy things? The difference between humans and animals

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Crystal Clear: The evolution of the eye

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Imagination and Incredulity: The evolution of the eye

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Guest Post: On Not Having a Third Eyelid

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A Dentist’s Guide to the Map of Life

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Some Very Extraordinary Animals: The Burgess Shale Fossils

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Fossils: A Window onto God’s Creation

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Simon Conway Morris: What do you think we can find out about God from his creation?

16th March 2021

Simon cannot simply say that the book of nature is also the…

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1st June 2021

Simon explains how he became interested in palaeobiology, and how the same…

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1st June 2021

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1st June 2021

The conditions on planet earth have constrained or channelled the processes of…

Simon Conway Morris: What questions about meaning and purpose does your work make you ask, and how does your faith help you answer them?

1st June 2021

How can we see meaning in the world, or even understand it?…

Simon Conway Morris: What has helped you to appreciate the wonders of the living world?

2nd September 2021

The wonders in Simon's work are less to do with beautiful things…

In conversation: Stephen Freeland & Simon Conway Morris

24th February 2022

Simon and Stephen discuss the challenge of studying life's origins, sharing their…