Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life


Living Cities

At the very largest scale, whole ecosystems are like living cities, providing homes and services to millions of different organisms. What makes them valuable to us?

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Margaret Miller, Marine Biologist – conservation and hope

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Caretakers of the Deep

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A Human Particular

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Thoughts on Discipleship from a Marine Conservationist

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Caring for Creation on the Coast

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Become Inspired, Leave Empowered #EarthOptimism

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Rediscovering Wonder

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Called to Care for the Oceans

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Beyond Miniature: Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas

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Book Preview: Blue Planet, Blue God

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Podcast: Restoration, Hope, and Perhaps your Gardening Shears

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Guest Post: Living and working at the Beautiful, Blue Frontlines of Marine Conservation

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Margaret Miller: What is the value of creation and what does that have to do with us?

16th March 2021

Margaret has always believed that ecosystems have a value of their own,…

Margaret Miller: Why are you a scientist and a Christian?

7th June 2021

Margaret's parents were Christians, and this faith became her own after she…

Margaret Miller: How do you think science and faith fit together?

7th June 2021

For Margaret, science and faith are complementary, and she enjoys being able…

Margaret Miller: What do you think we can find out about God from his creation?

7th June 2021

For Margaret, the beauty of coral reefs is a reflection of God's…

Margaret Miller: The ethics of ‘interfering’ in ecosystems

7th June 2021

Margaret's career has been all about watching coral species die. She has…

Margaret Miller: What is coral?

14th June 2021

An explanation of what coral actually is: a relationship between animal, plant…

Margaret Miller: How does climate change threaten coral reefs?

14th June 2021

Climate change will have a very serious effect on coral reefs, as…

Margaret Miller: What has helped you to appreciate the wonders of the living world?

2nd September 2021

One of the places Margaret has appreciated most recently in the everglades,…

Margaret Miller: Tell us about your research

3rd November 2021

Margaret studies coral reefs, which are unfortunately dying across much of the…

Cara Parrett: Can you tell us about your work so far in marine biology?

7th February 2022

Cara describes her early love of marine biology, her studies, and conservation…

Margaret Miller: Can we use the language of purpose in biology?

7th February 2022

Some of the purposes that coral reef ecosystems play are that they…

In conversation: Hilary Marlow & Margaret Miller

24th February 2022

Hilary and Margaret discuss their shared interest in conservation. They find that…