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Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life


Let Everything that has DNA

The world was not created purely for our benefit. What does the Bible has to say about God’s relationship with and purposes for the whole of creation – both human and non-human?

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The Poetry of Creation

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Why conserve wild nature?

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Creation Groans, but God Hears

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Re-Joining the Choir: Why people are the helpers, not priests, of creation

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What does the Bible actually say about Adam and Eve?

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Podcast: Evolved in the image of God?

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Podcast: Praying with Creation – How an engineer learned to meet God outdoors

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Joy to the World: Environmental Ethics from the Birth of Jesus

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Conservation with a purpose

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The Trees Clap their Hands: What does it mean to say that creation praises the Creator?

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What is the world for? Creation, purpose, and hope in difficult times

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Creation: A Celebration

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God’s Universal Orchestra: Tuning in with shrimp, mountains and stars

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Hilary Marlow: Where can we find hope when we find the task of creation care too difficult?

5th May 2021

The Bible offers images of hope that the created world will be…

Hilary Marlow: What is the purpose of creation?

5th May 2021

Psalms 150 and 148 describe all creation praising God, and sharing that…

Hilary Marlow: In the Bible, how does creation inspire wonder and awe?

18th May 2021

In some of the Psalms, especially Psalms 8 and 19, the writer…

Hilary Marlow: Exploring what the Bible has to say about suffering in the living world

14th June 2021

Hilary explores the idea that animal death seems to be a normal…

Hilary Marlow: How should we interpret Genesis?

14th June 2021

Hilary explains how, when interpreting Genesis, we need to take into account…

Hilary Marlow: Why is our relationship with the rest of creation so important?

2nd September 2021

The Bible often describes the interconnections between God, humanity and the rest…

Hilary Marlow: How do you think science and faith fit together?

7th February 2022

For Hilary, science and faith are looking at the same reality from…

In conversation: Hilary Marlow & Margaret Miller

24th February 2022

Hilary and Margaret discuss their shared interest in conservation. They find that…