Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life


Cara Parrett (formerly Daneel)

5th July 2018 |

Cara grew up in South Africa, spent a gap year working in the UK and Madagascar, then earned an honours degree in marine biology and oceanography from the University of Cape Town. After contributing to research and conservation projects across several different countries she came to the UK to work at The Faraday Institute on the Wonders of the Living World project, from 2015 to 2018, alongside scientific and support work in the University of Cambridge zoology and electrical engineering departments.

Cara returned to The Faraday Institute in 2020, to join the Youth and Schools team. She supports the main strands of the programme’s work – workshops for children and young people; training for teachers and influencers; and book and resource production – while conducting educational research to inform this work and contribute to wider discussions about science, faith and education.