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Danny Allison

27th April 2021 |

My name is Danny Allison and I entered this world in 1979. I was raised in, (or by) the infamous seaside town of Blackpool, on the North West coast of England. I neither drew or painted in my early days, instead I discovered a wooden plank with four wheels attached. This was my creative stage for a while.

After an intense stint of trying to become a professional skateboarder in the 1990s, my body decided it could no longer take the punishment I was forcing it to endure. A sever debilitating knee injury (clean snap of my ACL ligament) stamped dead any chance of completing my dream. After a year of soul searching, I signed up to study a National Diploma in Photography at the Blackpool college. Little did I know, that this was one of the very best photography courses in the UK and the start of my path towards becoming an illustrator.

I am very appreciative of where I was raised, and I am lucky to have discovered skateboarding. My past, has without a doubt heavily influenced my illustration style and creative process, which I hope you can enjoy