Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life

Sessions A-C: Snuggle for Existence, Creation & Purpose (advanced)

Sessions A-C: Snuggle for Existence, Creation & Purpose (advanced)

These sessions are more in-depth, covering more technically demanding aspects of science, and more in-depth theological questions. They should still be accessible to non-scientists, especially if you make use of the briefing sheets, but you may appreciate having someone in the group who has studied biology to a higher level to help answer any questions.

Session A (advanced): The Snuggle for Existence. Pain, death and the place of cooperation in the living world.

Session B (advanced): Creation. Interpreting Genesis 1–2 and science; order from disorder.

Session C (advanced): Purpose. All creation praises God; the role of purpose in biology; convergent evolution.

The videos can be streamed on YouTube, or streamed and downloaded here: session A, session B, session C.