Wonders of the Living World

Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life

Sessions 1-3: Beauty, Curiosity & Hope

Sessions 1-3: Beauty, Curiosity & Hope

In these sessions, three scientists share their work in an accessible way that any church member can relate to, especially if you chose the introductory options. There is plenty of scope for engagement with the Bible and some of the questions raised by the science.

Session 1: Beauty. What can we learn about God through science? Embryos, wonder and the incarnation. Sets the scene for a conversation about science and faith by exploring the things that can be learned about God by looking at creation. How can we do this in a helpful way, without stumbling into any theological pitfalls?

Session 2: Curiosity. Wonder and the limits of science; the genetic code and the life-friendly universe. Looking at the properties of the universe, it may have been almost inevitable for life as we know it to emerge. The mechanisms of this process can be explored through science, but they also raise more philosophical or theological questions.

Session 3: Hope. Coral reef ecology; our place in creation, its intrinsic value and hope for the future. This session explores the true value of creation to God. Discussion times will allow the group to think about how science can inform our worship, and how we can respond to today’s ecological crises in a hopeful and practical way.

The videos can be streamed on YouTube, or streamed and downloaded here: session 1, session 2, session 3.